Infrastructural Development


The KVK is in a common building having adequate space for staff, office, library and classrooms etc. The audio visual library is equipped with audio-visual aids and equipment for necessary for training. The Home science lab has necessary infrastructure and appliances to conduct demonstrations on preservation of fruits and vegetables, value addition of food items, preparation of various sweets etc. KVK has different demonstration units viz. dairy, polyhouse, vermin-composting, small millet processing unit, etc.

  1. Composting Unit
    (i) Vermi-composting
    (ii) NADEP
    (iii) Enrichment compost
  2. Dairy demonstration unit
  3. Water harvesting unit
  4. Protective cultivation unit
  5. Vegetable nursery unit
  6. Small millet processing unit

Composting Units

Dairy Demonstration Unit:

Water Harvesting unit

Protective cultivation unit

Vegetable nursery unit

Small millet processing unit