Success Stories of KVK

1. Intervention of High Density Plantation of Mango in Lower Hills for Doubling the Farmers’ Income

KVK intervention - Uttarakhand by and large is hilly and the agro climatic conditions found in the large part of the state restrict the cultivation of field crops but offer great scope for the development of horticultural industry. Generally in hilly area of the state was known for the production of temperate fruits but in the recent past, mango cultivation has gained momentum in lower hills. Under such circumstances the concept of high density plantation has become extremely significant to increase fruit yield and productivity in small as well as scattered land. Krishi Vigayn Kendra, Uttarkashi introduced the intervention of high density plantation of Amrapali variety of mango in lower hills of district Uttarkashi. The dwarf variety of mango Amrapali was planted in 3 x 3 m spacing at farmer’s field. A total number of 44 plants were planted in 400 m2 (2 Nali) area where if we would have planted the large varieties (Dashehri/ Langra) it would be maximum 8 plants in this area. This intervention was implemented in five farmers’ field. The first harvesting of fruits was taken after 3rd year of plantation where in case of large varieties it would be more than 7 to 8 years.

2. Rejuvenation of Old Orchard

Description of Innovation : Apple orchards have been the main source of his family income since last forty years. They have more than 435 apple trees in 1.4 hectare field in which 280 trees are in fruiting condition. Their annual income is approximately Rs. 3.25 lakh from fruiting trees. Due to atmospheric changes specially rise in the temperature, moisture content rapidly decrease in the soil during the month of March to July which badly affects production and quality of the fruit. To solve this problem Mr Jaipal Singh mulched apple orchard with the help of K.V.K, Chinyalisaur, Uttarkashi. Results obtained after first year were satisfactory but not significant rise in the production. This method was also repeated in 2nd year and results were shown very effective.

Practical utility of innovation : After getting Rs. 656 more from a tree J.S. Negi covered all apple trees with black polythene next year also. As a result he earned a sum of Rs. 5.40 lakh in the last year only which was much more than his earlier annual incomes. It also inspired 22 neighboring farmers to use black polythene as mulch.